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Ah, we know it so well – life is a full spectrum experience!

We have been born with this innate instinct to immerse ourselves fully into any given state and frequency of life…

And then?

Then culture happened.
Confusion happened.

Shut down.

Secretly, without anybody really noticing life became a survival issue.

A black and white thing.

Well temperatured, well educated, yet incredibly lonely, twisted and sad…

How do we release this held breath from our global lungs?

How do reclaim our full spectrum aliveness?

The beauty of embodiment is that we find the answer in out everyday business.

The way out is in any given moment – because no moment ever is about black and white.
The world of REAL experience is still and will always be a multi layered, whole body, full spectrum adventure!

We just have to… stop knowing what THIS VERY MOMENT is about.
As NOTHING right now is exactly the way it has been before…

So how much can you allow all the different vibes and shades of right now to flow through your senses?
How much can you open up to the richness and intensity underneath of black and white?

And most importantly:

What can we shift collectively with this level of attention and aliveness?

Here are my FREE invitations to this very adventure – welcome!

First of all: A gift for you – a video of 8 minutes – showing you HOW TO use a foam roller as a practical somatic tool to tap into hidden energy!

And one of my all time favorites!! »How to reclaim the power of anger – GUIDED PRACTICE«

AND a new 3-piece series about SHAME: »How to release feelings of shame«
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Please check it out and share it with all those beings around you being hungry for more energy, aliveness and embodiment!

Let us meet for another big and bold #ShakingEvent!

Bring whatever you carry with you – let us un-freeze this world around us and this world inside!!


Every time I facilitate a #ShakingEvent I am deeply touched by the generosity of each and every one of us showing up this very evening.


Simply because #ShakingEvents are DEFINED as an “energetic donation” for trauma stuff, collective wounds and suffering that is NOT primarily about ourselves.

Yet a few hundred humans from all around the globe gather each time and tremble and vibrate and shake those frozen fields, forgotten places, forbidden voices…managing their way through darkness, diving deep into shadows that somebody else was not able to face.

It is easy to think: “Well, there are more fun ways of spending an evening, right?”

My answer to that is YES – and NO.

There are more superficial ways of fun, that is for sure.

But when we look deeply enough into our very own nature – when we study our inner design als human beings, we discover that supporting each other is our very own need.

Generosity is the most selfish act of all!

In other words: Dedicating my shaking to somebody’s struggling or suffering is not a moral thing, it is not “good” or “right” – it simply aligns me with my instincts.

In fact – it can be traumatic in itself to witness other’s suffering without being able to do something.

Remember Tigress, remember Tiger:

You can ALWAYS do something – you can shake.

You can dedicate your vibration to fields of violence, freeze and trauma.

Yes, you can un-freeze this world. And by doing so you can melt in your heart, re-awaken your senses, recover your full joy of being alive.

Let us meet for another big and bold #ShakingEvent!

Bring whatever you carry with you – let us un-freeze this world around us and this world inside!!


Everybody in this culture is familiar with the struggle between the head and the body…

As if these parts of our somatic existence are two separate things.

But from an embodiment perspective I consider it to be counterproductive to talk about “mind vs. body”.


does this terminology help us finding inner power and peace?

Does this polarity actually make sense?
Does ist work?
Does it EXIST?

As a fan of radical embodiment I do not think so.

Our head is a part of our body – our brain is physical.

The moment we deal with our mind as a SOMATIC thing instead of a MENTAL thing, the whole experience shifts.

How to do that practically?

It is as simple as that:

Next time you want to calm down your mind – simply SENSE the brain in your skull.

Tune into the matter, the substance, the frequency of this amazing, complex organ in your head.

Just sense it… fully.

And do, whatever you would do for embodying any other sensation as well:

Welcome it.
Breathe into it.
Allow it to be there.
Stay curious and open for change…

Check in after that:

How does this sequence affect your “mental chatter”? Its speed, presence, tone and mood?

Here are my invitations for creating an aliveness party around the globe, for free, and for all of us –

Please come and enjoy and share the links with your friends!


»Ilan, how can you work about ecstasy in times of war and trauma?«

I got this question a lot these days, and I love it.

Well… I consider ecstasy to be THE missing piece in all of our global efforts to create peace and harmony amongst mankind.

Because ecstasy re-unites two poles of essence within us – an essence that gets split and twisted in our culture.

I am talking about the split between LOVE and ACTION.
I am talking about the split between HEART and MUSCLES.

What we would LOVE to do is the one thing… and we end up DOING is another thing… right?

That is the split I am talking about.

We are not meant to live like that. We are not born this way. We are meant to live in ALIGNMENT between the knowledge of our heart and instincts and our outer world. The moment we overrun the knowledge of our instincts and heart in order to “get stuff done” – we are OFF.

Ecstasy is the energetic matrix – the melting pot, so to speak, that heals this split within us.
Ecstasy is the bridge that carries us back home.
Ecstasy is where we experience silence and incredible power at the same time.

It enables us to ACT with precision, LOVE and certainty. It informs us with where to head in times of chaos, trauma and fear.

Please know that your ecstasy matters.

Every wave of pleasure.
Every whole body breath.
Every dance no matter what.



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For many decades we have been building a matrix of concepts around self development that is all about privileges.

You needed to be privileged in terms of money, time and focus in order to afford this costly hobby:

  • listening to your inner child
  • speaking to your higher self
  • practicing mindfulness, meditation and awareness
  • or just in general: “working with your stuff”

These days all those privileges seem to fade away, as more and more of us feel directly affected by the underlying patterns of stress and trauma that had been hidden in this culture.

What does that mean for self development?

Stopping listening to ourselves?
Stopping the healing process inside in order to get worldly stuff done that is “more important”?

No. It does not have to be that way.

We can re-define our wellness concepts of self development and “put it back onto the street”.

So many old traditions and ancient methods have been developed and taught in times of war.

So many meditations have been found in the fire, not in the comfort zone.

Let us learn to embody the collective triggers, the shadows and demons that are coming up these days.

Let us merge the inner process and the outer activity:

Re-claiming the unity of the inner and the outer world, in all of its power, challenge, risk and beauty.


There is the famous saying:

“No mud, no lotus.”

Actually it is more than a saying – it is a fact.

The lotus flower blossoms in the dirt… opening up the realms of bliss and peace while it comes from muddy, shabby places.

Sure, we can just handle that as a biological fact.

But it is so much more than that.

It is one of the core teachings that nature provides for us when it comes to an embodied and truly modern form of spirituality.

This lotus flower cures us from running away from our shadows.

It cures us from trying to hide where we come from.

It heals our cultural belief in something inherently dirty in our very existence.

It teaches us unconditional trust in our shadows.

This is what I feel more passion about than about almost anything else: throwing ourselves back into the infinite treasures, lectures, challenges and energies that are waiting for us in EMBODIED SHADOW WORK.

And… I am beyond excited about introducing you to my newest online adventure today!

Because it is about exactly that:

unleashing the inner power, bliss and freedom by diving straight into individual/collective shadows…

When people get to know my body of work they are often surprised and slightly confused by those new terms and models that they are not used to so far. (And some of them are confused by the number of #HashTags that I am using – however, that is a must, because I just love them.)

Eventually my work is not complicated at all, but in fact the most simple thing that I ever encountered:

Track you collapse.
And then release it.
That’s it.

Nothing more than that is truly needed.

Why so?

Well, because collapse is defined as numbness.

And as long as you are numb, your are numbed out around your numbness!

AKA you do not sense what you do not sense…

And THAT is the silent, all too silent reason for your suffering when you do not manage to figure out where it comes from, and how to resolve it.


Once you managed to SENSE your numbness, you are through.

From this very moment on everything else is just a matter of:

  • embodiment
  • courage
  • focus
  • surrender
  • and patience (faked patience is enough)

These are manageable steps.

But it is this one sacred moment of rebirthing yourself, from numbness to sensation, that we truly need to master.

And we can.

Will we?

Here is my FREE invitation for this sacred step, and doing it TOGETHER! Not only doing it for ourselves but for the whole collective nervous system as well!

Come and Shake and Sense it all!