How to calm down your own nervous system – and the global one as well…


For many decades we have been building a matrix of concepts around self development that is all about privileges.

You needed to be privileged in terms of money, time and focus in order to afford this costly hobby:

  • listening to your inner child
  • speaking to your higher self
  • practicing mindfulness, meditation and awareness
  • or just in general: “working with your stuff”

These days all those privileges seem to fade away, as more and more of us feel directly affected by the underlying patterns of stress and trauma that had been hidden in this culture.

What does that mean for self development?

Stopping listening to ourselves?
Stopping the healing process inside in order to get worldly stuff done that is “more important”?

No. It does not have to be that way.

We can re-define our wellness concepts of self development and “put it back onto the street”.

So many old traditions and ancient methods have been developed and taught in times of war.

So many meditations have been found in the fire, not in the comfort zone.

Let us learn to embody the collective triggers, the shadows and demons that are coming up these days.

Let us merge the inner process and the outer activity:

Re-claiming the unity of the inner and the outer world, in all of its power, challenge, risk and beauty.