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A Wildly Alive Community For Somatic Ecstatics

Online Challenge


Challenging P0rn – Exclusive Challenge for Men

#HardcoreEmbodiment is a powerful is a unique and powerful series of practices – unfolding a fundamentally new approach to p0rn and to your own sexuality.

A 5 module challenge to bring back sensitivity and real intensity to set you free on all levels. Are you in?


Skin And Games

What Sexwork Taught Me About Love

Is prostitution good or bad? I don’t know. But it is one of the best things this culture has brought forth: It is a mirror, that tells the truth. And I love it for that.

Based on my personal experience of two years of prostitution, I wrote »Skin And Games«, a book in which I analyze our society’s double standards and the sexual distress suffered by both women and men, and show possible ways of healing together.

This German Bestseller is now available in English as Kindle eBook.



The Shaking Collection

Wanna feel more alive in your everyday business? Wanna use stress and triggers for MORE energy (instead of being depleted)? You’re longing for practical tools to create more inner freedom and happiness – no matter what?

The Shaking Collection is a series of powerful concrete practices to fuel your aliveness. Let’s go!



Somatic Challenge for Men

A fundamentally new approach to p0rn to bring back sensitivity and real intensity


Somatic Practices & Resources

 A wild fountain of journeys and wisdom to explore and re-awaken your aliveness

Shaking Collection


A series of powerful shaking practices to fuel your aliveness


Somatic Journey for Women

We don’t need to learn ecstasy, but how to dissolve what keeps us from it.

#SexAndEssence Level 1

Somatic Journey for Men

An intense journey from cultural norms back to your own sexual essence.


Somatic Journey for Partners

What actually makes our sex life ‘great’ and fills us with energy, wonder and love?


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