Aliveness, Presence And Ecstasy

How Much Aliveness Do You Allow In Your Life?

How happy and free is a human meant to be?

How much energy do you have when you stop to hold yourself back?

Embodiment is being purely physical – an intense somatic presence in any given moment. When we are embodied, we are awake and relaxed, powerful and soft at the same time.

As babies we are embodied. But when we grow up we get trained to suppress our life force and will spend most of our time in our heads…

The courses and videos around embodiment offer ways to un-learn being caught up in our heads. Reclaiming our natural sense of being physical beings, and by being that being sensitive, intelligent and incredibly alive creatures.

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Erotic Paradigm Shifts

How free, how happy and safe can sex possibly be?

Sex is one of the most powerful and healing experiences that we can have.

At the same time sex is one of the most confused, confusing and even traumatized topics that we have, both on the individual and the collective level.

When we manage to heal those wounds – when we inquire on all those cliches, myths and concepts that have been passed onto us – sex opens up again to us, totally new and with breath-taking beauty.

My offers to this research field address this »sacred un-learning« – our collective adventure back into true intimacy with oneself and each other, back into safety, self-love and natural ecstasy.

Current offers connected to this body of research:

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Touching Sacred Wounds

Why do we know so many answers but don’t apply them?

»Trauma is one of the most common and one of the most commonly underestimated causes of human suffering.«

Peter Levine

In my work on collective trauma healing I focus on transgenerational and cultural conditioned aspects of traumatization. That sum of conditioning that makes up our “normality”: functioning instead of celebrating, thinking instead of feeling, performance instead of being.

But that’s normal? Right! That’s exactly the problem.

Because from the viewpoint of real vitality those factors mean inevitably suffering and the irritation that is characteristic for trauma, of how to end the normal cultural suffering.

So many of our efforts to save our (own) world, entangle us only deeper into the trauma matrix, instead of making it conscious and resolve it intelligently and awake.

Using current cultural examples in my research bodies on ‘collective trauma healing’ I show ways how to remember our living essence leading us into action which actually promotes healing.

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Happiness is physical

How can I achieve and maintain a high level of energy as my new »normal«?

How can I nourish my cells and create a physical sense of »enough-ness« on the deepest level?

How can I implement easy health tools into my everyday life?

What detox methods are useful today?

How can I handle illness with self-love, grace and gratitude?

Almost all of us know the sense of exhaustion, a bad mood and stress that comes with living a modern life. »Health« can easily turn into another stressful project. In other words: we tend to have a unhealthy relationship with health. That’s a pity. Because being »healthy« is not the opposite of being ill, but an awakened, sensual experience of all adventures that life in a body presents. If we approach »Health« from this perspective, then simple rituals of detox, nutrition, pauses and self-love turn into creative flow.

In fact: Happiness is NOT an abstract state of our mind (or whatever), but a super concrete cellular frequency. Happiness might be defined as the healthiest state on earth. Health is not an issue of performance and fitness levels, but your unique and intimate connection with your instincts for your individual well being.

I love to test, develop and share modern tools and methods for cultivating our life force and staying happy and embodied, regardless of any given circumstances.

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The Animal And The Goddess In Us

»You are not a drop in the ocean, but an ocean in one drop.«


I am not a spiritual teacher and don’t want to be one.

Nevertheless: Every theme we explore thoroughly brings us automatically in mystical spaces. Mysticism or spirituality is not a luxury, not an add-on, not a bonus track, but the concrete, the very basic foundation of existence.

My offers and contributions to this topic address the different spiritual aspects: embodiment and meditation, dynamics and threats in the spiritual scene, possible entanglements of trauma and enlightenment – and new perspectives of old traditions.

Current offers connected to this body of research:

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