Free #ShakingEvents

Aliveness & Energy – No Matter What!!

#ShakingEvents are a cutting-edge format designed by Ilan Stephani – open for everybody who wants to co-create a future that is about aliveness instead of suffering.

Every #ShakingEvent is gathering humans around the world in order to move collective trauma, simply by whole body shaking – walking the PATH OF ENERGY instead of PATH OF WORDS…

After a short intro talk we are inviting collective trauma issues and global crises and start shaking – meeting those issues with the instinctive forces of our nervous system.

Want to join the #ShakingMovement?

Ilan is offering global #ShakingEvents FOR FREE every now and then and you can sign up for the upcoming events below (no strings attached!).

More Shaking practice, somatic research and other paradigm shifting stuff is happening in Ilan’s Online Salon #KalisKiss. Feel welcome to join us here.

If you want to attend this free event, you’ll need:

  • to register with your name and email
  • save the date in your calendar with the event link we’ll send you once you sign up
  • a quiet, safe and undisturbed space
  • comfortable clothes
  • one hour of your time (please no distractions, no hopping on and off! – only up and down!)


#ShakingEvents are NOT a therapy and can by no means replace any kind of treatment. #ShakingEvents are dealing with collective trauma that is reflected in our individual trauma as well. #ShakingEvents are NOT for you if your are currently experiencing a severe PTSD episode or trauma activation or any form of acute anxiety attack. Please make sure that you have a sense of safety in yourself and in your environment and know how to ground yourself when you attend. You understand that you are fully responsible for yourself and attend at your own risk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All #ShakingEvents are recorded and might be published on social media and/or in Ilan’s online community. You will not be seen and not be heard. However, if you want to attend extra anonymously, please change your zoom display name and switch off your camera.

Sign up here to join the free #ShakingEvents

Your first time?

Make sure to visit Ilan’s introduction video here or a shorter clip below:


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Yes, this event is totally FREE!!!

Let’s have a global shaking party!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing up in this era and supporting the global shaking movement research with your passion, power and courage!


Your donation here would be AWESOME!

Let’s shake up the power of this world !


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Ilan Stephani is a somatic mystic, an abundant source of inspiration, and a powerful and loving question mark for our current cultural paradigms. Her points of view on burning topics of this era are challenging, ever-surprising and provocative, turning our belief systems upside down. She is dedicated to the fields of embodiment, trauma, sexuality, health and mysticism in order to support individual and collective change.

With her German bestseller »Skin and Games – What Sexwork Taught Me About Love« – an analysis about her prostitution in the context of society, Ilan gained nation-wide attention in 2017 and is now available in English as Kindle eBook here. 

An exclusive wild somatic space to explore and re-awaken your aliveness with the support of dedicated Tigresses & Tigers.

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