A Wild Somatic Fountain To Explore And
Re-Awaken Your Aliveness

How do you unlearn your conditioning and break free from every unhealthy concept and belief system?

How can you live in a high state of energy – even though the world around you might be depressed?

How do you reclaim your full aliveness and inner freedom – no matter what?


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The #KalisKiss Online Pool is an extensive resource library and the most vibrant collection of Ilan Stephani’s inspirational talks and practices in form of videos and audios for those who are ready to activate their full aliveness and freedom – no matter what!

It is an exclusive space for #SomaticEcstatics – for those who are ready to dive deeper into their truth and inner power – for those who are ready to show up in this very world with their full potential!

#KalisKiss ONLINE POOL includes:


  1. Un-learning Guilt
  2. Basic Trust
  3. Shaking Up The Power Of Shaking


  • Hours of Somatic Audio Journeys that guide you through powerfully transformative processes.


You have access to an ever expanding pool of inspiration and resources:

  1. #Embodiment – Aliveness:
    How to truly re-awaken your innate passion for life.
  2. #Sexuality – Ecstasy Beyond Concepts:
    How free, how happy and safe can you feel sexually?
  3. #Trauma – Individual And Collective Transformation:
    Are you functioning or feeling? This is about becoming awake and moving the world – the inner world and the outer world.
  4. #Mysticism – Living As A Breathing Prayer Is Our Natural Design:
    Ilan´s work around #SomaticMysticism combines ancient traditions with modern science around the nervous system, as well as integrating her own ongoing exploration of Kundalini, Spirit and a tantric approach to life.


  • Replays of all #ShakingEvents and #SpeakingEvents with Ilan



  • Exclusive Online Journeys
  • Somatic Practices
  • Ilan’s eBook »Skin And Games«
  • Replays of all Free Events by Ilan
  • A Pool of Somatic Wisdom in the fields of…


Cutting Edge Somatic Researcher & Bestselling Author

Ilan Stephani is a somatic mystic, an abundant source of inspiration, and a powerful and loving question mark for our current cultural paradigms. She is dedicated to the topics of embodiment, health, trauma, sexuality and mysticism in order to support individual and collective change. More about Ilan here.


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Members Voices

»Finally I have a solution for situations in which I repeatedly fall into a hole, so I can climb out of it. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.«

»I am so truly grateful for this space and the energy signature that you have, Ilan. It is an honor to be in this space together! I have been hungry for this type of space. Words that resonated with me: “Let’s teach each other to stay alive while others are dying.”, “Free yourself from self-criticism.” and “Do not lose the smell of blood.” THANK YOU!«

»Thank you Ilan for this beautiful space to share! I felt seen and met. With love.«

»The Shaking was one of the most beautiful and moving things I have done for a long time. It was beautiful that I could work with the pain in myself and the world at the same time through shaking, which was extremely powerful, moving and inspiring. It felt like how Ilan suggested: we were “kissing the planet with the gift of vibration”. Thank you Ilan for your guidance.«


Please note that Ilan does not offer any therapeutic or healing work nor does she give any medical advice. Her work is not a substitute for any medical or therapeutic treatment or counseling. You are fully self responsible for any effect and result if you choose to apply Ilan’s tools and methods.