This is how you can turn your life into a blessing

Every time I facilitate a #ShakingEvent I am deeply touched by the generosity of each and every one of us showing up this very evening.


Simply because #ShakingEvents are DEFINED as an “energetic donation” for trauma stuff, collective wounds and suffering that is NOT primarily about ourselves.

Yet a few hundred humans from all around the globe gather each time and tremble and vibrate and shake those frozen fields, forgotten places, forbidden voices…managing their way through darkness, diving deep into shadows that somebody else was not able to face.

It is easy to think: “Well, there are more fun ways of spending an evening, right?”

My answer to that is YES – and NO.

There are more superficial ways of fun, that is for sure.

But when we look deeply enough into our very own nature – when we study our inner design als human beings, we discover that supporting each other is our very own need.

Generosity is the most selfish act of all!

In other words: Dedicating my shaking to somebody’s struggling or suffering is not a moral thing, it is not “good” or “right” – it simply aligns me with my instincts.

In fact – it can be traumatic in itself to witness other’s suffering without being able to do something.

Remember Tigress, remember Tiger:

You can ALWAYS do something – you can shake.

You can dedicate your vibration to fields of violence, freeze and trauma.

Yes, you can un-freeze this world. And by doing so you can melt in your heart, re-awaken your senses, recover your full joy of being alive.

Let us meet for another big and bold #ShakingEvent!

Bring whatever you carry with you – let us un-freeze this world around us and this world inside!!