Pleasure 2.0 – How to become alive – no matter what!


»Ilan, how can you work about ecstasy in times of war and trauma?«

I got this question a lot these days, and I love it.

Well… I consider ecstasy to be THE missing piece in all of our global efforts to create peace and harmony amongst mankind.

Because ecstasy re-unites two poles of essence within us – an essence that gets split and twisted in our culture.

I am talking about the split between LOVE and ACTION.
I am talking about the split between HEART and MUSCLES.

What we would LOVE to do is the one thing… and we end up DOING is another thing… right?

That is the split I am talking about.

We are not meant to live like that. We are not born this way. We are meant to live in ALIGNMENT between the knowledge of our heart and instincts and our outer world. The moment we overrun the knowledge of our instincts and heart in order to “get stuff done” – we are OFF.

Ecstasy is the energetic matrix – the melting pot, so to speak, that heals this split within us.
Ecstasy is the bridge that carries us back home.
Ecstasy is where we experience silence and incredible power at the same time.

It enables us to ACT with precision, LOVE and certainty. It informs us with where to head in times of chaos, trauma and fear.

Please know that your ecstasy matters.

Every wave of pleasure.
Every whole body breath.
Every dance no matter what.



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