Embody your mind and move the world. Here is how this changes everything.

Everybody in this culture is familiar with the struggle between the head and the body…

As if these parts of our somatic existence are two separate things.

But from an embodiment perspective I consider it to be counterproductive to talk about “mind vs. body”.


does this terminology help us finding inner power and peace?

Does this polarity actually make sense?
Does ist work?
Does it EXIST?

As a fan of radical embodiment I do not think so.

Our head is a part of our body – our brain is physical.

The moment we deal with our mind as a SOMATIC thing instead of a MENTAL thing, the whole experience shifts.

How to do that practically?

It is as simple as that:

Next time you want to calm down your mind – simply SENSE the brain in your skull.

Tune into the matter, the substance, the frequency of this amazing, complex organ in your head.

Just sense it… fully.

And do, whatever you would do for embodying any other sensation as well:

Welcome it.
Breathe into it.
Allow it to be there.
Stay curious and open for change…

Check in after that:

How does this sequence affect your “mental chatter”? Its speed, presence, tone and mood?

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