How to rebirth yourself (and being more alive than ever before!)


When people get to know my body of work they are often surprised and slightly confused by those new terms and models that they are not used to so far. (And some of them are confused by the number of #HashTags that I am using – however, that is a must, because I just love them.)

Eventually my work is not complicated at all, but in fact the most simple thing that I ever encountered:

Track you collapse.
And then release it.
That’s it.

Nothing more than that is truly needed.

Why so?

Well, because collapse is defined as numbness.

And as long as you are numb, your are numbed out around your numbness!

AKA you do not sense what you do not sense…

And THAT is the silent, all too silent reason for your suffering when you do not manage to figure out where it comes from, and how to resolve it.


Once you managed to SENSE your numbness, you are through.

From this very moment on everything else is just a matter of:

  • embodiment
  • courage
  • focus
  • surrender
  • and patience (faked patience is enough)

These are manageable steps.

But it is this one sacred moment of rebirthing yourself, from numbness to sensation, that we truly need to master.

And we can.

Will we?

Here is my FREE invitation for this sacred step, and doing it TOGETHER! Not only doing it for ourselves but for the whole collective nervous system as well!

Come and Shake and Sense it all!