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Ah, we know it so well – life is a full spectrum experience!

We have been born with this innate instinct to immerse ourselves fully into any given state and frequency of life…

And then?

Then culture happened.
Confusion happened.

Shut down.

Secretly, without anybody really noticing life became a survival issue.

A black and white thing.

Well temperatured, well educated, yet incredibly lonely, twisted and sad…

How do we release this held breath from our global lungs?

How do reclaim our full spectrum aliveness?

The beauty of embodiment is that we find the answer in out everyday business.

The way out is in any given moment – because no moment ever is about black and white.
The world of REAL experience is still and will always be a multi layered, whole body, full spectrum adventure!

We just have to… stop knowing what THIS VERY MOMENT is about.
As NOTHING right now is exactly the way it has been before…

So how much can you allow all the different vibes and shades of right now to flow through your senses?
How much can you open up to the richness and intensity underneath of black and white?

And most importantly:

What can we shift collectively with this level of attention and aliveness?

Here are my FREE invitations to this very adventure – welcome!

First of all: A gift for you – a video of 8 minutes – showing you HOW TO use a foam roller as a practical somatic tool to tap into hidden energy!

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Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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Bring whatever you carry with you – let us un-freeze this world around us and this world inside!!