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LOVE and RAGE are no enemies, but a secret cosmic love story.

Ilan Stephani


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Almost none of us were encouraged during childhood to step into our anger and explore power and meaning.

Quite the opposite – in most families, and in contemporary Western culture at large, love and harmony are defined by the absence of anger, aggression, and rage.

Want to belong?
Want to feel safe and in harmony with the world around you?
Want to know you’re worthy of love and connection?

Welcome, baby, here we are.

Just one thing required:
Suppress. Your. Rage.

Do not be “too much”.
Do not disturb the peace around you.
Love is good, and rage is bad.

These scripts are at the based of our culture, and are reflected in countless love stories, movies, myths and fantasies.

LOVE… a precious and rare portal to heaven, an angelic secret code for happiness, blessing those who deserve it.

RAGE… makes us turn into monsters and turn against our innocent beloveds, RAGE makes us too much, makes us wrong, and guilty and unworthy of connection.

A global paradigm producing billions of people who are afraid of their inner demons and hide their anger when it comes to love, relationships, and intimacy…

Love is good, and rage is bad.


This does not work and never will.

Because our nervous system is not wired for this, and never will be.

As long as we run on the script of love and rage as opposite forces we do not only miss the power of rage, we also miss the power of love.

A human era fetishising love and fighting against rage is a culture being trapped in an inescapable dilemma between self-love and love, and between freedom and bonding.

Unconsciously feeding those dark global places of violence and war where our shadows reclaim their power.

So where are we going from here?

We turn around, stop obeying to cultural themes and listen to our innate somatic wisdom instead.

We start breathing and moving and unwinding – recovering from global confusion and bow deeply to our instincts.

As the design of our nervous system, this animalistic nature within reveals LOVE and RAGE are a dream-team.

In fact: LOVE and RAGE need each other. LOVE and RAGE are no opposite forces but one of those big cosmic love stories.

Let us go for that. Welcome to the wild wild peace inside.


#LoveAndRage is an embodiment training for inner freedom – no matter what!

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