Nourishing Secrets For
Feminine Health

A Luxurious Selfcare Journey for Women
with Umā Inder and Ilan Stephani

How can we women deeply nourish ourselves and regenerate, even as we accept the challenges and sit with the loss in this time?

We welcome you to a more than beautiful, luxurious online journey for women only. With honour and joy, we’ll be sharing traditional secrets of Ayurveda and Tantra for feminine selfcare in modern times.

Join us to re-awaken and replenish the adrenals and subtle feminine power of our essence in 7 weekly live calls, chakra by chakra – week by week – breath by breath…

Additionally, you will receive each week:

  • An Ayurvedic »Selfcare-Package«, providing precise tools from ancient times together with modern, cutting edge bodywork tools
  • An abundant treasure of worksheets, resources and further guidance

This transformational journey will take place online, and it is open to any woman who wants to create her own life from the inside out, staying safe and connected with her own unique essence, without having to retreat from her everyday life.


#1 |
SAFETY – Feeling safe, nourished and grounded in your own skin
Nourishing your root center.

#2 |
RELEASE – Releasing the collective female pain body from your womb
Nourishing your sexual center.

#3 |
TRANSFORMATION – Tap into the energy resource of anger + other gifts
Nourishing your center of willpower.

#4 |
OPENNESS – The cultural taboo of true self-love
Nourishing your heart center.

#5 |
TRANSPARENCY – Speaking your truth and showing up, no matter what
Nourishing your throat center.

#6 |
RE-ENVISION – Empower the natural seer you are.
Nourishing your sixth center, your third eye.

#7 |
THE CORONATION – the mystic power of your Kundalini energy
Nourishing your seventh center, your celestial vault.


Umā Inder D.A.Sc.

Umā is the founding director of Satyaveda Academy, Synergistic Alignment of Tantra Yoga & Ayurveda.

Born in Kenya of Indian descent, Umā has practiced Yoga and Ayurveda since childhood. At age 20, she entered into seclusion to begin a 14 year apprenticeship with her guru in his Bali jungle hermitage. As an Ayurvedic health practitioner and Ayurvedic doula with Diploma of Ayurvedic Science (D.A.Sc.), Uma went on to conceive and direct KUSH, the Ayurvedic Center for Rejuvenation in Bali.

With a lifetime of experience and over 30 years dedicated research into the Kundalini awakening process, Uma provides private and group mentorship to people from all walks of life experiencing spiritual breakthroughs and emergencies. Uma teaches a universal method for vital self-knowledge and preventative self-care as a basis for spiritual attainment. Currently spearheading the wellness movement “Going With Nature” that provides online, Cell-deep Embodiment courses and consummate Panchakarma retreats, Uma can be found in her riverside abode, brewing ancient formulas for Aranya Ayurvedics, her range of wildcraft therapeutics.

More about Umā


Cutting Edge Somatic Researcher and Bestselling Author

Ilan Stephani is a somatic mystic, an abundant source of inspiration, and a powerful and loving question mark for our current cultural paradigms.

Her points of view on burning topics of this era are challenging, ever-surprising and provocative, turning our belief systems upside down.

She is dedicated to the fields of embodiment, trauma, sexuality, health and mysticism in order to support individual and collective change.

More about Ilan



You will also receive a 3 Month Membership Subscription to Ilan Stephani’s #KalisKiss Online Salon + #TigressTalk (Value 147 €) when you sign up for »Nourishing Secrets of Feminine Health«.

You can take advantage to a number of live calls with Ilan Stephani as well as mini courses to different somatic research topics.



Registration opens in June 2021


€ 396* 

Includes a 3 Month Subscription to Ilan’s #KalisKiss Online Salon + #TigressTalk

*Prices do not include sales tax (VAT) and will be added in the checkout via Digistore24.

We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee through Digistore24.
To qualify for a refund you must have completely watched and implemented your course content. If you’re still not happy with your purchase we will refund you the full amount within 60 days from purchase.

This journey takes place in a women-only safe space. You additionally have access to all other content and live calls happening in the #KalisKiss Online Salon as well as in the womens-only space #TigressTalk. 


You can watch all call recordings online for the 3 months in the journey’s online space and download workbooks and audios. You are very welcome to continue your complimentary #KalisKiss Online Salon membership beyond this training. Otherwise you need to cancel your subscription before the end of the 3 months period.


Here is how you can participate anonymously: Register with a fantasy name and without a profile photo on our online platform Kajabi. If you want to participate live in zoom calls, anonymize your name, switch off the camera, and communicate only via chat.

What happens with these recordings?

I store recordings for 2 reasons
– that you can watch the recordings
– that I can publish selected sequences on social media

IMPORTANT NOTE: The published clips will under NO circumstances contain anything other then me, Ilan in picture and sound. No matter what you express during a live call, I will share NOTHING publicly from this journey that contains your name, voice, picture or the wording of your question.