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#MovingSlowSex – Somatic Journey For Partners

Nov 23, 2020 - Jan 11, 2021

#MovingSlowSex is a luxurious online expedition for couples (and other partners in crime) into new depth and experiences of intimacy

8 Modules incl. weekly videos, exercises, and teachings as well as 4 live-calls with Ilan

What makes our love lives great? What fills us with energy, gratitude, and happiness when we make love?

Despite the messaging in media, especially porn and the self-help world, the answer is not another technique, and certainly not more effort, but simply this: a fundamental down-regulation of our nervous system when it comes to sexuality and everything we associate with it.

As children of a deeply traumatized and traumatizing sexual culture, there are generations of sexual stress embedded in our nervous systems. We experience this as sexual insecurity, „not being enough“, not feeling worthy, being stuck in shame and silence, and much, much more.

#MovingSlowSex reclaims our innate sense of wholeness and instinctive erotic intelligence by addressing the collective belief systems of our culture and collective past – questioning sexual concepts… testing if our current sexual paradigms are really true… unwinding layers of shame and guilt… and leading to a next-level experience of freedom, innocence, and playfulness in lovemaking.

#MovingSlowSex transcends those collective belief systems that color our erotic experiences with pressure, Do´s and Dont´s, performance anxiety and shame. We gather for four courageous days and un-learn putting any kind of sexual stress onto ourselves in order to “fit in”.

Topics that #MovingSlowSex covers:

• Orgasms of Peace – How to unlearn cultural norms
• Love and Rage – Why sexual surrender needs your rage
• Reading Trauma #1 – The collective sexual wounding of women and how we can support healing
• Reading Trauma #2 – The collective sexual wounding of men and how we can support healing
• Daring Intimacy – What we can do in order to regain trust and depth with our partners
• Beyond Orgasm – Unlocking the ecstatic potential of our nervous system
• MindFucks of Shame – What our fantasies are (and what they are not)
• Flirting Kundalini – Channeling sexual energy into a cosmic play party
• Global Sexual Healing – How everybody can support it

#MovingSlowSex is for you, if you…

• want sexuality being truly YOUR sexuality, instead of being a copy of somebody else
• want lovemaking to be about LIFE, not about performance
• want to expand – expand – expand your definitions of sex, your experience of pleasure and your horizon about what is erotically possible…
• gain more confidence and trust of yourself and your partner
• are courageous enough to question sexual concepts and sexual self-images
• want to use lovemaking for deeper healing on all levels
• let go of sexual patterns, shame and guilt
• want to transform “having sex” into a living, breathing prayer
• are curious about an avantgard next level sex-education and cutting-edge knowledge and research

Please bring a partner. I want you to feel truly safe with your intimate explorations during the course.

Please note: All constellations of partnership and sexuality are equally welcome – your partner does not have to be your husband or wife, they might also be your friend. You do not have to be naked at any time during the retreat (except when you are jumping into the beautiful lake outside of the venue and you certainly do not have to have intercourse.

Course Start:

November 23, 2021


680 € + Tax per couple !


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November 23
11. January 2021
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